About us

Any business only has two choices when it comes to software:

Either change the business to match the software or

change the software to match the business.

We are certified as legal technology consultants by numerous legal software manufacturers.

We have helped 100s of law firms with their technology needs since 1997.

Consulting and software

It all started with a consulting and software company named Matters in Motion, Inc. With Robert Gray as the president, it both supported its own customers and became a sort of consultant’s consultant for many other technology pros in the legal industry.

Matters in Motion helped other consultants with deeper technical issues, data conversions and software development.


Then Robert met Larry Taylor while presenting at a Microsoft.NET meeting on the challenges of marketing software products. Because, as it turns out, if you build it, they will not necessarily come. Larry was the President of the local .NET User Group.

Over time, Robert and Larry recognized where their skills and experience overlapped, as well as complemented each other. Larry started working with Matters in Motion and then in 2011, Robert and Larry partnered to create Legality Software to provide more focused solutions for legal firms.


A few years later, in 2014, Marcel Popescu joined the team as a developer. Eventually his role morphed into becoming the manager for a growing development team.

Today, Robert handles most the client interactions, project planning and software design work, while Larry, Marcel and the developer team do the heavy lifting for new and ongoing product development and custom solutions for our clients.

IT services

The Matters in Motion team, including Greg and John, supports clients with IT services, systems monitoring and legal tech consulting. They also participate in testing and implementation of Legality Software projects and keep our internal and cloud systems running smoothly.

Our Legality Software team still frequently assists other consultants whose clients have some special or unusual needs.

Our goal, as always, is to help our clients succeed, allowing them to focus on their legal expertise, while knowing that the tools and systems they rely on are taken care of for them.

Our team

Robert Gray

Robert Gray

After working in technology in the 80’s Robert switched his focus to technology for law firms in 1996. Robert became a certified Time Matters consultant in 1997, then later a certified consultant for LexisNexis after their acquisition of Time Matters.

Over the years Robert has worked with many of the more popular software products and services in the legal industry. He has earned consultant certifications for many of those same products. In that time Robert has completed hundreds of successful projects for law firms across the US.

This broad exposure to legal products and solving unusual client problems has given Robert a somewhat rare understanding and skillset in the legal vertical. Robert doesn’t get to do much coding these days. Instead he helps clients define their needs, then designs the solutions and directs the dev team through implementation.

Robert coordinates with the client, dev team and QC till the project is complete, ensuring the client’s goals are met.

Robert, his wife Lori and their dog Dargo enjoy spending time at the lake with their family and friends. Robert and Lori built their own home in 2005. Robert enjoys wood working, metal working, electronics, designing and building tools and interesting contraptions. Robert is a lifelong learner and obsessive tinkerer and maker. He enjoys sharing his knowledge and learning from others.

Larry Taylor

Larry Taylor
Partner in Legality Software

Larry has been working with technology for over 30 years. After receiving his degree in computer science, Larry trained law enforcement personnel on computers and software in 1995.

He developed databases used by law enforcement departments across the United States to store and share data. Larry has received certifications in Visual Basic, C#, and SQL. Over the years, he has worked with several companies, consulting firms, and taught programming at the college level before joining Legality Software in 2011.

Robert and Larry met during Larry’s time as President of the Little Rock .Net Users Group. Their friendship grew into a business alliance where they work together to solve problems, automate solutions, and provide support to their clients.

Larry, his wife Darlene, their six kids, and two dogs live in Gulf Breeze, Florida. Larry enjoys reading, learning new things, and going to the beach. Larry however, despises writing about himself in the third person.

Marcel Popescu

Marcel Popescu
Development Team Manager

Joined Legality Software in 2014.

Marcel is a software developer with over 30 years of experience in programming, currently working with .NET and SQL databases. He is a huge fan of automated testing and wrote a book about developing a simple project from scratch using test-driven development. While he can develop user interfaces, he enjoys working on algorithms and data processing a lot more.

When he is not writing code, he mostly likes to read fiction and travel.

Sorin Ceausu


Matt Synco


Greg Mitchell
Technical support and internal testing


John O’Neil
Network and virtualization design and support


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