25+ years experience

Over the last 25 years we have worked with many popular law office products and helped many clients with different challenges and goals. We see recurring themes in the gaps that existing products leave unfilled. We create our own ready-made products when we witness multiple firms suffering from similar problems.

Expanding capabilities

Our solutions add new capabilities, or extend existing features of popular products offered by other manufacturers. These manufacturers focus on needs common to most of their customer base. It isn’t as profitable for them to add a feature that solves a problem for only 10% of law firms.

Bridging the gaps

Legality Software operates in that 10% space, helping firms with problems that the big manufacturers put on the back burner, or may never address at all. This means our work is often unusual, interesting and ultimately rewarding because we help our customers do things that are otherwise difficult or impossible.

Expanding NetDocuments®

One Step Workspace

Enable any NetDocuments user to create new Workspaces whenever necessary.

Expanding TimeMatters®

Frustrated woman working on computer

TM Class Code Manager

Take control of your classification codes and put an end to lost records due to wrong codes assigned.

etm sync

eTMsync for eLaw

Never miss another court appearance. Streamline your calendar process.

TM SQL Backup Monitor

The simple way to keep your Time Matters database and file backups safe, come rain or shine.

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For the times when there’s no ready-made solution

You’ve invested in great software for your firm, but it doesn’t do everything you need it to do.

There are still gaps. Costing your team time and money.

That’s where custom software comes in — to bridge the gap(s) and make the whole truly work for your firm.