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Document management changing: Worldox acquired by NetDocuments

Are you a Worldox user? Or do you manage documents for your firm?

Then it’s big news that Worldox, a global document management system (DMS) for over 30 years, has been acquired by NetDocuments.

It’s on-premise document management melding with cloud DMS, to future-proof document management.

According to the announcement of the acquisition from NetDocuments, Worldox will continue to operate uninterrupted. That said, we can reasonably expect that this will accelerate the trend towards document storage and management in the cloud. Along with that more software-as-a-service (SAAS) solutions. 

Worldox users can expect NetDocuments to offer incentives to move your documents to cloud storage with NetDocuments.

Legality Software can help

At Legality Software we understand that any change to document management can be a challenge. It’s also likely to raise questions and uncertainty. Because we’re used to the systems we’ve worked with for a long time. Plus there will be a learning curve when moving to a new system. Which is why we’re here to help.

Legality Software has been developing tools for NetDocuments for years to add and expand the functionality of this DMS. All so you can get your work done faster.

Our most popular product, One Step Workspace, gives NetDocument users the ability to quickly create workspaces for your documents. Out of the box, NetDocuments requires an administrator to handle this task. For a law firm, the legal practice management tool might be configured to accomplish this task. 

Alternately, One Step Workspace is a simple, quickly set up solution to put workspace creation in the hands of your NetDocuments users.

Cabinet Analyzer (currently in beta) is the latest tool from Legality Software. It gives NetDocuments administrators insight into their NetDocuments cabinet configuration. Using Cabinet Analyzer, administrators can quickly see the structure and relationship of NetDocuments metadata, troubleshoot issues and run system configuration reports.

In addition to these ready-to-use solutions, Legality Software also creates custom solutions bridging gaps and making your system truly work for your unique needs, situation and culture. Because it’s about allowing you to run your firm your way.

Worldox has been a trusted on-premise document management system for a long time. The acquisition by NetDocuments opens new possibilities and synergies and continues the trend toward moving document management into the cloud.

On that journey, our team at Legality Software is here to help your users continue to reliably and efficiently manage documents for the long haul.