Legality Software on Reinventing Professionals podcast

Legality Software and One Step Workspace featured on Reinventing Professionals podcast

“The most rewarding part of our work is when we get to replace hours of weekly staff time with an app that can do the same job in seconds.”

Legality Software’s Robert Gray is interviewed on Enhancing Law Firm Operations With a Digital Workspace, the October 14, 2020, episode of the Reinventing Professionals podcast.

Host Ari Kaplan talked with Robert about the mission of Legality Software to help law firms get the most out of their software by extending it or enabling different software tools to “talk” to other tools, even if not originally designed to do so. All to set the legal firm up to run things their way, to fit the type of law they practice or better match their internal processes. 

The conversation goes into detail about the new app One Step Workspace, an add-on for NetDocuments that greatly speeds up workflow by allowing regular users to create workspaces whenever needed.

Ari and Robert further talk about the changes that the COVID-19 pandemic have brought about for law firms and other businesses. For one thing, we’re seeing work and data move into the cloud and off local, in-house servers. While no one knows what the new normal will be like once the pandemic is over, many of these changes are likely to forever change how we run our offices and safely manage data.

It’s a changing environment, which is why the team at Legality Software are constantly looking to stay a step ahead. Robert Gray again: “We watch industry trends, and solicit partner and customer feedback to help us decide what new tools we’ll create next, for example, that’s how One Step Workspace for NetDocuments came to be.”

With Legality Software’s help, law firms can make the transition from legacy applications built for a very different time, manageable and a lot less stressful. 

Legality Software’s over 15 years of experience in the trenches is of great value to law firms who are struggling with not only how to do business, but how to prosper in a pandemic world.

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