Time Matters Classification Codes out of control?

Records lost because the wrong code was assigned?

Wasting time trying to find records that you know are there?

The Challenge

Too many codes makes it difficult for staff to decide what code to use.

New codes get created because staff couldn’t find a code that “seemed right”.

Want to get the codes used under control, but don’t know where to start?

Records assigned to the wrong code means you will spend extra time finding them in the system. Or not find them at all when they are needed.

TM Class Code Manager to the rescue

Evaluate your records. Get actual record counts for each code.

Records assigned to a specific code can easily be reassigned to another code.

Easily mark unused codes inactive.

Get reports of pending changes so you can review with clients.

No more disorganized data.

See TM Class Code Manager in action

TM Class Code Manager
free analysis


Download the app for free.


Analyze your Time Matters database.

Get a list of all class codes for each record type with a count of active and archived records assigned to each code.


Export results to Excel to review code usage with your staff.

Easily identify unused or redundant codes.

Plan changes as needed.

Make changes manually in Time Matters.

Unlock the full feature set

Purchase a license from within the TM Class Code Manager app to automate the change process, saving you hours of effort (and avoiding potential errors in the process).

With a paid license, you can also easily sort codes by record count and mark unused ones as inactive.


per Time Matters database,
per year

Download now to access all the free features.
Unlock full feature set when needed.