What if you suddenly couldn’t access your Time Matters® database or files?

Meet TM SQL Backup Manager.

The simple way to keep your Time Matters database and file backups safe, come rain or shine.

You rely on Time Matters to keep your firm running smoothly.

But when was the last time you confirmed that your Time Matters SQL backup was successful?

If you need to restore NOW, how badly would it hurt your firm, your clients, if the backup turned out to be unusable?

What if a week of backups was bad? Or a whole month?

Now there’s a simple way to ensure backups keep your priceless data safe every day.

The TM SQL Backup Monitor quietly watches for trouble and warns your key staff of any issues that require attention.

There are even client modules to monitor the monitor, for maximum reliability.

TM SQL Backup Manager
is a new app from Legality Software.

So new, you can’t download it yet.
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Who has the time or discipline to manually check their backup logs every day?

It doesn’t seem that important when clients are calling and deadlines loom.

Until that one day when you can’t access your data. But it’s too late then.

Avoid that future pain now by ensuring verified backups keep your data safe.

Every day.